Methods and Gimmicks Used by the Industry

John Stabler

Monday, May 21 2012 at 7:30PM

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4 Windsor Place
South Glamorgan
CF10 3BX
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John Stabler

What's the talk about?

John Stabler talks about video games and addiction. Video gaming has now become a multi-billion pound industry and gaming is no longer just a hobby for geeks, nerds or socially awkward individuals. It's not just about PCs and games consoles; with so many people now using smartphones, games can be played anywhere by anyone.

Does the video game industry purposely design games to be addictive? What techniques do they use? Does video gaming necessarily lead to chronic and damaging addictive behaviour? What are the ethical considerations in purposely making games addictive?

John Stabler is a veteran computer programmer, working for a bespoke software development company in Cardiff. He loves programming, playing games and has even started writing games himself.