Can you really find true love on the Internet? - And other things about online romance

Dr Martin Graff

Monday, January 21 2013 at 7:00PM

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33 Windsor place
CF10 3BZ

Dr Martin Graff

What's the talk about?

Can you really find true love on the Internet? 

How do people actually portray themselves online? 

Can you have a virtual affair? 

This talk will examine all of these issues drawing on current empirical evidence from studies on online relationships.  The talk will also cover some of the major research work on the online disinhibition effect, which suggest that we disclose more personal information, and do this more quickly in online environments.  Finally, the talk will also draw on some of the speaker’s own research on online infidelity.

Dr Martin Graff is Reader and Head of Research in Psychology at University of Glamorgan