How I had to argue intelligent design was a science without laughing.

Dr Dave Steele

Tuesday, February 19 2013 at 7:30PM

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33 Windsor place
CF10 3BZ

Dr Dave Steele

What's the talk about?

In 2006 Dave was taking part in the John Smith Memorial Mace Welsh debating championships. Struggling through the facts that he didn’t know why it was called a mace and that John Smith had nothing to do with generic bitter he haphazardly made it to the final. Then...disaster! The motion for the final was “This house would teach intelligent design in science lessons” and Dave had to propose why this is a good idea. It isn’t.

But could he do it without lying? Can you argue intelligent design is a science without saying anything wrong? What exactly is irreducible complexity and can it be applied to an argument to baffle your opponents? Why is it called a mace?!

Dave will take you through this debate by taking you through the arguments he had to use, looking at how true they might be and how ridiculous some of them definitely are. More importantly he will tell you which side won the debate. He can’t tell you why it’s called a mace.


Dr Dave Steele has a degree in applied psychology from Cardiff University and in medicine from Swansea/Cardiff University. He is currently working as a junior doctor. He has debated on the university circuit winning best speaker prize at the 2005 John Smith Memorial Mace Welsh Championships, and reaching the finals of several competitions in the 2006 Welsh Championships. He also sporadically performs stand-up comedy and writes a blog as Dr Allen Alan, placebologist and expert on how alternative medicine affects the alternative body.

He thinks the jumper you’ve got on compliments your eyes beautifully.