John Stabler

Monday, August 18 2014 at 7:30PM

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Porter's Cardiff
Harlech Court
Bute Terrace
CF10 2FE

John Stabler

What's the talk about?

In 1976 an arcade game called Death Race allowed players to run down pixelated black and white "gremlins" that were labelled as pedestrians. It was heavily criticised in the media and the modern campaign against violent video games was born.

Technology and computer graphics evolved to allow violence to be depicted in even more gratuitous and realistic ways. Once video gameds went mainstream they were increasingly linked to acts of teen violence.

This talk presents a timeline of violent video games: showing the games themselves, the advances in technology that enabled them, what outraged the media, the campaigns and court-cases that resulted and some of the scientific studies that have been used in the ensuing arguments.

WARNING: This talk will feature videos showing media and video game violence (including physical & sexual violence and gore) which is not suitable for under 18s or people who are sensitive to such material.

John Stabler is a gamer, developer, podcaster and skeptic who has previously presented a talk at Cardiff Skeptics about video gaming addiction.


£3 entry fee on the door.