Launch of Cardiff Skeptics!

Simon Perry

Monday, September 20 2010 at 7:30PM

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4 Windsor Place
South Glamorgan
CF10 3BX
029 2039 8998

Simon Perry

What's the talk about?

For our first night - which we hope as many people as possible will come to - we will have a brief introduction to Skeptics in the Pub by Alice and Dean.

We were going to be officially introduced by the illustrious David Allen Green, founder of Westminster Skeptics and writer of the Jack of Kent blog, but sadly he can't make it after all - he's got a work crisis to deal with. He'll come and give us a whole talk another time.

Our main talk is by Simon Perry, founder of Leicester Skeptics, columnist at the Leicester Mercury and one of the heros of the Simon Singh case. Simon is an active campaigner against nonsense. Using the ASA, trading standards, other regulatory bodies and even gaining help from MPs, his campaigns have helped shut down dodgy allergy test services, prevented traditional Chinese medicine salesmen from claiming to cure cancer, and exposed psychic scams. His greatest campaign, dubbed "The Quacklash" by Jack of Kent, involved almost 600 complaints about chiropractors' claiming to treat childhood illnesses.

His talk will explain the techniques he's used to fight woo, why nonsensical claims are harmful, and stories about some of the craziness he's found along the way.

You can follow him on Twitter at @simon_perry.

We will also be welcoming two Cardiff skeptical heroes, Rhys Morgan and Councillor John Dixon, among our guests! Read about John here and Rhys here. And we look forward to hearing from you about what sort of talks you'd like to hear.

 No booking required. £3 per head (we hope to lower this at a later date but are just setting up now, so please be generous!).