Councillor John Dixon

Monday, November 15 2010 at 7:30PM

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4 Windsor Place
South Glamorgan
CF10 3BX
029 2039 8998

Councillor John Dixon

What's the talk about?

"Local hero" is a phrase you don't get to genuinely use very often. "Popular politician" much less so. But nonetheless, November's speaker can be accurately described as both.

For the very first time, John Dixon gives the full story of his experiences of having to defend himself for daring to express an opinion about Scientology. The resulting palaver, political and legal ramifications and high-profile battle against the cult (or word that sounds a lot like cult) that is Scientology revealed so much about that sinister organisation.

Come and see the most popular Welsh politician since Aneurin Bevan tell us all about it.

* = Talk will probably be longer than 140 characters

£3 per head. No booking required.