A Night of Science Comedy

Dean Burnett & Cardiff Comedy Festival

Monday, July 18 2011 at 7:30PM

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4 Windsor Place
South Glamorgan
CF10 3BX
029 2039 8998

Dean Burnett & Cardiff Comedy Festival

What's the talk about?

How do you follow a speaker like June's legendary Jon Ronson? You can't. So don't even try. So instead, we have something a bit different.

As a result of organiser Dean's other interests, Skeptics in the Pub is teaming up with the Cardiff Comedy Festival (13th-30th July) in order to bring you a night of people using science to bring you insane theories, conclusions and observations on any subject you care to name. Many important questions will be answered using science, such as;

- Out of all the animals, which is the sexiest?
- What is the most rational use of tattoos?
- Which band is the greatest in history?
- How does quantum theory intersect with politics?
- What happens when your brain suddenly backfires?
- What does a psychic medium do with the rest of their time?
- Which is the best internal organ to use as a cricket ball?
- How do you deal with an enraged lesbian?

Any, all, or none of these burning issues will be addressed by experienced acts, enthusiastic skeptics and possible special guests. So turn up, chill out, and have a laugh with Chaos theory.

7.30pm doors, £3 entry.
(Sorry - back to £3 entry for the moment due to faraway/multiple speakers.)